The Divine Circle of the Strange and Proud

"oh god, they have their own community!"

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This is the community of a strange group of people in one insane girl's "I love you/you're my friend/you're my family" classification. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably shouldn't apply.

If you DO, for the love of sporks and 10 foot Oni songs, APPLY AND JOIN! Because you'll meet other insane people you had *no* clue about.

I have just four rules, and I know you'll follow em. So here goes.

NO excessive memes or quizzes unless they are under a LJ cut. (You can find how to do that in the FAQ, or ask.)

NO slamming others. (For the love of god, if I can love you all, can't you love each other? :-P)

NO excessive drama. If you have a sucky day and need to bitch about it, that's fine. But don't have every post being "god my life sucks", "so and so did such and such", etc. (HOWEVER, so as not to be a total asshole, if you'd like to link to such posts in your journal, whether you need advice, help, or just someone to say "god, that sucks" along with you, you may.)

NO pornographic materials. Tasteful nudity is ok, but under a cut and with a warning. (I know, you wouldn't dare, but it needs to be said X.x;; sorry)

Moderated by: scruffyprincess "The Head Cheese", colorofsakura "The Huggable-Like-A-Teddy-Bear Mod", silent_lizard "The Sergeant-At-Arms Mod"

Departments: None yet! But there will be! XD