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Wonder how much fun this is going to be.

Anyway this is a place to post rants and raves (Right?) so I might as well get MY big one off my chest. For the last two months I've been trying to hook up with this girl named Amanda (Remember the name, your going to here a lot about her) and this were'nt going very well (Stuck in the friend zone)but on Tuesday (the 28th I think) things happened (We did everything but fuck) but we we're both pretty gone (I was stoned out of my mind, and she was drunk). Now she wanted to keep it just between us, but, she made so much noise she kept my room mates awake that night (Not to mention the fact that one of my roommates bed (That he was trying to sleep in at the time) is about four feet underneath my bed (Where the noise was coming from). Any way he and one of my other roommates were shouting at us (Mostly cheering me on) but we had other things on our minds and failed to hear them. My other roommate cleaned the kitchen just to get out of that part of the house.

That was about a week ago, and we have'nt been able to talk about it (We've been playing phone tag for a bloody week) So I don't know what the fuck is going on.

Anyway thats my life as of now.

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